Technologies for mineral deposits mining



  • Digital technologies for mineral deposits mining and processing, including deep well exploration
  • Developing an unmanned system of artificial well lifting under extreme geological conditions


Priorities in accordance with Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation: 20А, 20Д.



  • Development of a positioning system for cutter-loaders that is being tested at the Uralkali potassium mines
  • A signed memorandum on creating a consortium aimed at developing technical solutions in the field of electric transport use for mining industry


Intermediary results in accordance with technology readiness level by 2021:

  • Implementation of effective deep-mine air conditioning
  • Developing a system for mine condition monitoring


Expected result in accordance with technology readiness level by 2024:

  • Implementing a mine condition monitoring system at the producing fields of potassium salt in Russia and abroad
  • Implementing positioning systems based on photonics technologies
  • Implementing a technology for sylvinite layer retreatment