Молодежные лаборатории

При поддержке НОЦ в Пермском крае созданы 6 молодежных лабораторий. Основу их коллектива составляют аспиранты и молодые ученые, а возраст руководителя лаборатории не должен превышать 35 лет.


Competence development center (CDC) serves to improve professional and management competencies of executives in research, development, and laboratory supervision.
The CDC programs are aimed at scientists who already work at Perm Scientific and Educational Center member organizations (such as PSNRU, PNRPU, PFRC UB RAS), those who plan to work for them, and at employees of the center’s partner companies who do research in the center’s areas of specialization. In the long run, the center’s training opportunities will become available to researchers of other scientific and business organizations.