Oil recovery efficiency increase technologies for challenged reserves



Increased oil recovery profitability for challenged hydrocarbon reserves and oil recovery efficiency increase (>10%).


Priorities in accordance with Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation: 20А, 20Б



  • Development of a method for rock deformation online monitoring during oil and gas recovery
  • Development of protective coating that allows to reduce the rate of metal corrosion by more than 90%
  • A grant from the government of Russian Federation for a project of production of autonomous energy-efficient digital systems of distributive control for production well stock
  • Opening new educational programs in oil-and-gas sector at the center’s partner universities


Intermediary results in accordance with technology readiness level by 2021:

  • Development of the national digital dynamic system for hydrocarbon extraction processes control
  • Development and implementation of energy efficient low-tonnage mobile solutions of modular type


Expected result in accordance with technology readiness level by 2024:

  • Implementation of new technologies of unmanned manufacturing and monitoring (deposit digital twin) for fuel-and-energy enterprises