Innovative chemical and pharmaceutical technologies


Development of technologies for producing high analysis fertilizers and flexible advanced manufacturing for chemical industry.


Priorities in accordance with Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation: 20Г, 20Ж.



  • Discovering an effective method of subsoil water oil-cleaning treatment with a > 80 % efficiency rate
  • The development of the unique and novel method of extracting rare and valuable metals from old monitor displays and screen
  • Suggesting a method of recycling laminated plastics to acquire carbon sorbents for wastewater treatment
  • Opening a further education program for training highly skilled specialists at PJSC Metafrax


Intermediary results in accordance with technology readiness level by 2021:

  • Development of methods for fertilizer formulation and assessment of their stability
  • Development of physics and chemistry for new flexible technologies


Expected result in accordance with technology readiness level by 2024:

  • Development the production technology of fertilizers of diverse formulation, as well as field testing of their effectiveness under plant stress conditions
  • Creating flexible production systems at the flow-type reactors