Grant support for scientific and engineering projects at their venture stages


The center is ready to support scientific and engineering projects at their venture stages in the form that includes research, development, and technological work, prototyping, and pilot testing. Grant co-funding may cover up to 50% of the costs of the research and trials mentioned.

An industrial partner, in its turn, takes on an obligation to carry out the project from pilot testing to launching the finished product into serial manufacturing.

The decision on project support is made based on the project’s analysis performed under several scoring criteria. The criteria can be divided into scientific and engineering and economic. Scientific and engineering criteria include such criteria as how much the project’s theme matches the center’s research directions, as well as global challenges and strategic priorities of scientific and technical development of the Russian Federation; the novelty of the suggested problem-solving approach; existing marketing research; and the level of patent-licensing elaboration. As for economic criteria, these are the business plan elaboration, financial and economic efficiency and project sustainability, product’s competitive performance in Russian and foreign markets, investors’ profiles, etc.

Among key requirements to the project’s implementation are: creating no less than three new world-class level technologies; creating no less than 50 workplaces; bringing no less than 35% of product enhancement; bringing social and economic effect.

In accordance with grant application processing roadmap, a well-prepared and thorough application can be considered and come from science and engineering council consideration to contract agreement in less than three months.                                          

For more information on application criteria and roadmap, check this presentation.