Centre for knowledge-Intensive chemical technologies and physical-chemical studies

Research in the field of new technologies of potash ore mining, advanced petroleum refining, gas corrosion of aerospace alloy, wastewater treatment, production of fuel, oils, electrode petroleum cokes, active coal sorbents, etc.


Key research directions of the center:

  • Research into characteristics and application of pure substances and materials with targeted properties.
  • Research and process improvement for crystallization of organic and nonorganic products.
  • Development of physical and chemical groundwork for technologies of production of nonorganic accelerators and sorbents for different purposes, as well as their performance testing.
  • Petroleum and petrochemical production improvement.
  • Developing recommendations on chemical reagents usage for petroleum production and oil treatment in the oilfields of the oil-and-gas production enterprises.
  • Quality improvement for refined petroleum products.
  • Development of technologies for potash-magnesium ore and salt waste recycling
  • Wastewater treatment for manufacturing enterprises and waste neutralization for chemical manufacturing.
  • Research into corrosion in gas and liquid environments, development of corrosion-inhibiting compounds
  • Research into carbon-based materials and coatings
  • Research into biological environments

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