Competence development center

About the center

Competence development center (CDC) serves to improve professional and management competencies of executives in research, development, and laboratory supervision.

The CDC programs are aimed at scientists who already work at Perm Scientific and Educational Center member organizations (such as PSNRU, PNRPU, PFRC UB RAS), those who plan to work for them, and at employees of the center’s partner companies who do research in the center’s areas of specialization. In the long run, the center’s training opportunities will become available to researchers of other scientific and business organizations.

Main goals

Advanced training and professional retraining provided through short-term seminars, courses, and workshops (in Perm Krai, other regions of Russia, and abroad)
Development and application of new educational solutions in the field of advanced training and professional retraining
Participating in implementation of educational and scientific and engineering projects of center’s member companies and organizations
Discovering those promising studies and developments that require highly skilled research and management executives and are of interest for the center’s members
Advising on further professional training for research and development executives
Running joined communication events that cover executive training in research and development and engage scientists, experts, and public employees

The center is aimed at creating individual educational trajectories that take into account customer needs, their current competencies, as well as their goals and objectives within particular development projects.

Main competencies within the educational programs at the center

General and universal competencies
  • Time-management
  • Managing scientific projects or a portfolio of scientific projects
  • Managerial decisions
  • Change management
  • Business strategies, HR strategies, S&B strategies in managing research teams
  • Human resource management
  • Modern production techniques management
  • Foreign language
  • Psychology of research team management, techniques for leadership and teambuilding
  • Presenting scientific data and giving project presentations
  • Work activity management and interaction between research partners
Professional competencies
  • Basics of patent law
  • Basics of scientometrics
  • Financial resource management, project budget management, and budgeting models
  • Academic writing
  • Current state of science and technology (based on basic sectors of the Perm scientific and educational center)
  • Strategic planning for scientific work (based on basic sectors of the Perm scientific and educational center)
  • Training at leading entreprises of Perm krai and the Russian Federation, as well as at research and education centers abroad
Project commercialization
  • Commercializing intellectual properties
  • Theory of inventive problem solving
  • Technopreneurship
  • Scientific research commercialization

The center gives a lot of attention to receiving feedback which serves as a tool for adjusting the quality of training in accordance with world-class requirements. The quality of training is assessed twice – immediately after the training and a year later. With the help of this routine, acquired skills match real-life objectives that program graduates face when implementing scientific and development projects.

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